Letter from the Deputy Grand Master

Welcome to the website of the The Royal Order of Constantine the Great & Saint Helen.

Our Order was founded in the year 330 to enable Emporer Constantine the Great to recognize and honor those brave warriors who fought at his side against his perceived “forces of evil” during the victory at the battle of the Milvian Bridge which occurred in Rome in the year 312.

Originally established as a military Order of Knighthood, where he conferred the title of Chevalier, or Knight, upon valiant and worthy individuals, this¬†institution has grown through the ages and remains today as one of – if not the oldest Orders of Knighthood in the World.¬†It’s origins as a Military Order have also expanded into the civil side, allowing prominent citizens from all walks of life to become part of our chivalric family.

21st Century members of our Order of Constantine and of it’s companion Order of Saint Helen, are recognized by induction into this ancient and honorable fraternity based upon their adherence to the Chivalric Principals that include service to others and charitable support of those less fortunate.

Our Order is worldwide in nature, with functioning Grand Priories, Priories and Baileries in the United States, Canada, Finland, The Benelux Countries, Italy, France, Armenia, Japan, Australia, Estonia and Colombia.

Elsewhere on this website you will find a more complete history of the Order as well as information on membership. You will also be able to learn about those serving in our leadership positions and the various charities that we support. In addition, you will also have an opportunity to review photographs and descriptions of our events and activities.

I hope that you will find this organization of interest, and cordially welcome you to correspond with us.


Duke Michael

H.G. Michael Spencer Teilmann, KGCI
Duke of Aswan of Cappadocia
The Deputy Grand Master
The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen

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