United States of America

  • Grand Prior of the USA; H.E. John Quiroz. KGCCG
  • Special Communications/Events Assistant to the GPG, Ron Dunn, K
  • Prior for California, Bradley Niederhauser, KC
  • Prior for San Francisco Bay Area, H.E. Dr. Tae Yun Kim, DC
  • Grand Prefect; H.E. William Wenger, KGC (On Overseas Military Assignment)
  • Grand Dame for the Order of St. Helen in the USA, LeeAnn Quiroz, DC
  • Grand Legal Counsellor; The Hon. Ben Zvenia, KGCCG
  • Chancellor Mauricio Arocha, KC
  • Commander of Virginia, Ron Dunn, K
  • Grand Silver Master; Jon Wilhelm, KC
  • Prior for the Pacific Northwest; Aaron Jubitz, KC
  • Recorder; Lisa Bailey, DC
  • Sergeant-at-Arms/Marshall; Aaron Jubitz, KC
  • Property Master; Samuel Adams, K
  • Event Coordinator; Galo Pesantes, KC
  • Prior for English speaking Canada; James Mac Millan-Murphy, KC
  • Chancellor for Administration; Shafiq Hasan, K
  • Aide de Camp; Mauricio Arocha, KC
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