Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige

The following information has been prepared for those interested in learning more about the rich history of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great andSaint Helen and the possibility of being invited into its ranks.

Admission Protocol

A person requesting admission to the Order, and to be invested as a Knight  or Dame should be aware that he/she intends to become a part of a Chivalric Institution, and consequently should be prepared to accept and to practice a Chivalric Code of Honor.

Qualifications and Exclusions for Membership

Acceptance into the Order is based on the assessment of the human values and quality of character of the applicant, without distinction or discrimination based on religious, social class, race, political tendencies, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

The following are among the desired qualifications for membership in the Order

  • To be at least 25 years of age.
  • To be a stable person holding a dignified and steady employment.
  • To be morally and socially well considered.
  • To be practitioners of any learned profession or members of the Armed Forces.
  • To be retired persons or veterans of military service.
  • To be persons considered socially and professionally as capable, just, honest, compassionate and courageous.
  • To be persons willing and having the economic capacity to pledge. And meet successfully at least the minimum amount of contribution and to comply with the Annual Membership Dues.

The following are impediments for attaining membership

  • To have delinquent or criminal records.
  • To be employed or follow professions or the lifestyles that could be viewed as dishonorable by generally accepted standards.

The Process of Nomination Passage Fees, and Annual Membership Dues

  • A Petition for Membership may be submitted by any Member of the Royal Order for any individual who meets the nomination criteria. The Nominator must be a member in good standing of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen of the Royal House of Cappadocia.
  • Passage Fees and Annual Membership Dues are subject to annual revision based upon the recommendationof the Grand Council in accordance with the Constitution of the Royal Order. The Passage Fees and Annual Membership Dues provide for the insignia of rank, formal certificates and regalia of the Knight-Postulant/Dame-Postulant. Portions of this fee are also used to support the Works of the Order within the home Priory or Commandery and the Grand Council. In extraordinary cases of need, payment of additional fees may be waived at the discretion of the Grand Council. Advancement within The Royal Order is based upon merit and the individual’s activities within the Order. It is contingent upon the recommendation of the Prior, the Grand Council and the Royal House of Cappadocia.
  • Submission of Petition. The Nominator, together with the Petitioner, to complete the “Petition for Membership” and submit the following documentation:
  • Curriculum Vitae (Biographical Sketch),
  • One passport size and type photograph,
  • Unless a Passage Fee has been established and paid, a check as a non- refundable processing fee in the amount of $500.00 (this portion of the fee will be deducted from the total amount owed for the Passage Fees).
  • Checks should be made payable to the “Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen” and sent to together with the Petition for Membership to:

The Grand Council
The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen
4425 Thomas Drive, Suite 405-C, Panama City Beach, FL. 32408


Grades of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen

This order is conferred on both men and women.

The Grades conferred on men are as follows:

  • Squire, Order of Constantine the Great (SCG)
  • Member, Order of Constantine the Great (MCG)
  • Knight, Order of Constantine the Great (KCG)
  • Knight Commander. Knight Commander, Order of Constantine the Great (KCCG)
  • Knight Grand Cross. Knight, Grand Cross, Order of Constantine the Great (KGCCG)
  • Grand Collar. Knight, Grand Collar, Order of Constantine the Great (KGClCG)


The Grades conferred on women are as follows:

  • Lady-in-Waiting. Lady-in-Waiting, Order of Saint Helen (LWSH)
  • Member. Member, Order of Saint Helen (MSH)
  • Dame, Order of Saint Helen (DSH)
  • Dame Commander. Dame Commander, Order of Saint Helen (DCSH)
  • Dame Grand Cross. Dame Grand Cross, Order of Saint Helen (DGCSH)

Economic Commitment

The Royal Order needs freedom of action in a way that the development of its life and humanitarian activities are the resultsof a prudent and calculated self-governing decision. To achieve the Vision and Mission of the Royal Order it must be financially sound.

The Order receives into its ranks and rewards with the high status of Knighthood and Higher Ranks those individuals following the vocational call to serve mankind.  Pledged Economic Commitments are to be paid by check or bank transfer payable to the “Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen” within thirty (30) days following the date in which the notice of acceptance has been communicated to the Candidate.

Upon payment of the pledged Economic Commitment, a Candidate accepted for membership will receive his credentials as Postulant for Knighthood. At the conclusion of the Postulation period,the Postulant will be invited to attend a Ceremony, also referred to as “Investiture” conferred by thePrince Grand Master of the Royal Order or his Representative. The Postulant will beknighted during a formal Investiture Ceremony a Sir Knight/Chevalier or a Dame/Lady of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen of the Royal House of Cappadocia.

If a pledged Economic Commitment is not made, the Postulants file will be marked inactive. Such files may be reopened during the period of ninety (90) days after their filing date if so requested by the postulant upon presentation of a justifiable reason.  Annual Membership Dues are payable during the month of June. Any member of the Order who, for whatever reason, chooses not to honor his/her Annual Membership Dues will be considered an Inactive Member and placed on the roster of Inactive Knights and Dames ninety (90) days after the payment is due, with the consequent loss of Seniority on the roster of Active members.

Any Inactive Knight or Dame wishing to be reinstated to the roster of Active Members shallbe required to pay the corresponding Annual Membership Dues accrued during the period of his/her inactive status and/or any other indebtedness to the organization previously incurred. Said member will be reinstated to the roster of Active Knights and Dames on the date of reception of his regulating payment, and that date will be considered his/her seniority date.

Members of the Order are encouraged to discuss the tax-deductible nature of payments to the Order with their individual tax consultants.

The Royal Order is a not-for-profit corporation, incorporated and administered under the laws and regulations of the United States of America as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are considered to be tax-deductible under the laws of the United States of America and the State of California.

Guiding Principles for Knights and Dames.

A new Knight or Dame joining the Order indicates a wish to further the chivalric code of knighthood. The following principles are presented here as a guide to the new Knight or Dame and are based on the high standards that the knights of old strove to uphold.

These principles should guide Sir Knights and Ladies in daily life and as members of the Order.

  • Should be charitable and comfort those who are afflicted.
  • Will serve faithfully and defend his Grand Master and country courageously.
  • Will will forgive the follies and offense of others and sincerely embrace the love of friends.
  • Will esteem truth and will never create nor participate in falsehoods.
  • Needs to avoid sloth and superfluous ease. He/she will spend his/her time in the pursuit of honestand virtuous action.
  • Shows reverence to magistrates and persons in authority and gives honor to those in authority.
  • Will eschew riot and detest intemperance in any form, whether in his/her personal life or in the eye of the public.
  • Will eschew dishonest pleasures and endeavor to do good to others.
  • Will accommodate himself/herself to the humor of honest company.
  • Will shun the conversation of perverse persons and behave in a modest way at all times.
  • Will be sober and discreet, no boosterhis/her own acts, and not be a speaker of himself/herself.
  • Will desire no excessive riches and patiently endure all worldly calamities.
  • Will undertake just enterprise and defend the rights of others.
  • Will support the oppressed. He/she will do everything in his/her power to provide help and succor to any who are afflicted in any way.
  • Will prefer honor before worldly wealth and be just and faithful in both words and deeds.

The Path to Knighthood for Youth

An order of knighthood is like any other organization, it must cultivate new members and new talent in order to grow and function effectively. One of the best ways to accomplish the Royal Order’s goals and to grow is to bring in young people who are among the highest achievers in their school work and extra-curricular activities. If the Order can instill the chivalric code and values of a  Knightof the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and of Saint Helen in the highest achievers of the younger generation, it will benefit not only the Royal Order but each Community and Country in which these young people reside. These are our future leaders, and if trained in knightly values and chivalric code, the future of the entireworld will be much brighter.

These young people bring to the Royal Order talents and abilities that can and will make the Royal Order a “Force for Good” as well as a better organization within the chivalric world. The Royal Order has instituted a program for young men and women between 14 to 21 years of age, and of good character, to eventually become Knights and Ladies.

These candidates must meet the qualifications laid down in the Royal Order’s constitution and must wish to aid the Prince Grand Master, the Grand Council and membersof the Grand Council in their duties. Qualified candidates are admitted to the Order as Squires (for the boys) and Ladies-in-Waiting (for the girls). They begin a Leadership Trainings Program which will bring them into the Order as a full Knight or Lady upon reaching the age of 21.

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