Feast Of Saint Helen

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The Royal Order of
Constantine the Great and Saint Helen

Commemorate and honor Saint Helen on her official Feast Day, which is celebrated August 18th.

TO:  Dames and Knights of the Order
Friday, August 3, 2018

Each year the Dames of The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen commemorate and honor Saint Helen on her official Feast Day, which is celebrated August 18th in the United States, Canada and most of Western culture.  Our members in other parts of the world commemorate this historic event according to European, Occidental and other local heritage and societal norms.  His Grace Michael, our Grand Chancellor, and I are encouraging all members of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St Helen, whether you are a Knight or Dame, to honor this remarkable woman by celebrating her many acts of kindness.

I am attaching to this message a short biographical sketch of this remarkable woman and why she is such an important figure in world history.
Some suggestions for events are:

  • Hosting a picnic, luncheon or tea;
  • Attending a patriotic or military event;
  • Volunteering with members at any of the myriad number of non-profit organizations in your area;
  • Sharing Empress Helen’s many selfless acts with members of your church or social organizations.

In order to publicly acknowledge your participation – regardless of the size of the event — please submit photos of your commemoration and a brief description to H. G. Gerhart Walch, who has created a brand new website for the Order, so they can be published, and your event recognized. Our new website address is:  www.rocgsh.org. Click the “Contact Us” button on the first page, fill-in the brief form, and you will receive directions for submitting your photos and story.
Thank you for participating and for your continued support of our Royal Order of Chivalry.

Linda Carole Teilmann
Linda Carole Teilmann, GDSH
International Grand Dame

St Helen (250-330AD) was the mother of Constantine the Great, Emperor of the Roman Empire.  She converted to Christianity, at the age of 60 years, due to her son’s strong belief in Christianity, and she performed virtually uncountable amazing works.
  • She traveled toPalestine in search of the True Cross. Jerusalem was still being rebuilt following the destruction caused by Emperor Hadrian.  He had built a temple over the site of Jesus’s tomb near Calvary.  St Helen ordered that temple torn down and chose a site to begin excavating, which led to the recovery of three different crosses.  She performed a test by having a woman who was near death brought to her. She asked the woman to touch the 3 crosses.  When the woman touched the 1stand 2ndcrosses, her condition did not change, but when she touched the 3rdand final cross, she suddenly fully recovered.   Helen declared the 3rdcross to be the True Cross.
  • It is also believed that Helen found the nails of the crucifixion.  To use their miraculous power to aid her son, she allegedly had one placed in Constantine’s helmet, and another in the bridle of his horse.
  • Medieval legend claim that St Helen searched for, discovered and brought the Holy Stairs from Jerusalem to Rome.  According to the Catholic tradition, they are the steps leading up to the praetorian of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem on which Jesus Christ stepped on his way to trial during the events known as the Passion.
  • She performed many charitable works and directed the building of more than 80 churches, including in Bethlehem, at the birthplace of Christ; on the Mount of Olives where the Lord ascended to Heaven; and at Gethsemane where the Savior prayed before His sufferings. 
  • Because of her alleged discovery of the Cross,serving the homeless,establishing relief agencies for the poor,aiding the infirmed, building churches, recovering relics and restoring shrines, St Helen is revered as a saint by the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, the Roman Catholic, and the Anglican Communion, as well as being commemorated by the Lutheran Church.
  • Both Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother, Empress Helen, achieved sainthood through the Roman Catholic Church.
 The Order’s new website address is: https://www.rocgsh.org. Click on the “Contact us” button.
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